What is a Balance Disorder?

Did you know that inner ear issues can lead to a balance disorder? These issues cause individuals to feel off balance, meaning woozy or unsteady with some having a spinning or floating feeling. Vertigo is also a common balance disorder that many people will experience.

There’s no simple explanation for why people experience balance disorders, but the results can make ordinary activities difficult for many people. Balance disorders are uncomfortable and create awkward social situations. They also make it difficult to complete routine tasks and go throughout your day without feeling off-balance. A balance issue develops if you have a certain health condition or are taking certain medications. Ear infections and brain injuries also lead to balance problems.

The reason is that a change in the position of the head, inflammation in the inner ear, and a change in the amount of fluid in the ear affect your ability to stay on balance.

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How are Balance Disorders Treated?

If you feel dizzy or off-balance, talk to a doctor right away. The doctor will determine if your balance problems are the result of some sort of injury, infection, or disorder, or if medication you are taking is causing the problem. To treat balance problems, a doctor may send you for physical therapy with a number of exercises designed to help you retain balance. You may also be sent for a procedure to clean your inner ear and change the position of your head. Medication may also be prescribed. In severe cases, surgery may be recommended to correct the problem.

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