Cochlear Implants

What is a Cochlear Implant?

For those who suffer from hearing loss, a cochlear implant is a much-needed device to help these individuals restore their hearing. A cochlear implant is not a hearing aid, rather an electrical device that is surgically implanted in the ear to help sound travel along the ear canal and bypass the parts of the ear that have been damaged. The implant sends electrical signals to the hearing nerve, which sends electrical impulses to the brain, which is then able to recognize and interpret the sounds it receives.

A cochlear implant includes a device which is worn behind the ear to pick up sound and convert it to electrical signals to be sent to the hearing nerve. The internal component that was surgically implanted in the ear connects the signals to the cochlea, which stimulates the hearing nerve and helps send signals to the brain.


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Is a Cochlear Implant Right for Me?

A cochlear implant has proven to be more effective at restoring hearing than hearing aids. If you suffer from hearing loss, whether it’s a mild or profound, you should consider a cochlear implant. A cochlear implant will make it much easier to recognize sounds and understand what you are hearing. It’s especially effective at helping people decipher spoken words. Using a cochlear implant will help you better enjoy music and conversations and make sure you don’t miss important noises such as alarms or sirens.

Contact Audio Acoustics Hearing Centers, Inc. to ask about cochlear implants and receive a consultation on the surgical procedure to insert the implant in your ear. The surgical procedure is safe and proven to be effective.