Hearing Loss

How Hearing Loss Happens

With so many parts in the ear working together to capture sound and send it to the brain, all it takes is a problem with one part to affect the whole thing. If just one part of the ear is not working up to par, it can cause hearing loss. There are many causes that can lead to hearing loss.

Not all symptoms of hearing loss are the same. Some symptoms are more serious and debilitating than others. Also it’s important to know that there is both mild and profound hearing loss. There’s also hearing loss that happens at birth and hearing loss that develops as we get older. No matter how it happens, hearing loss can be uncomfortable and greatly harm our ability to interact with friends or family and make it hard for us to work or complete routine tasks.

Hearing loss is usually related to damage in the cochlea of the inner ear or a problem with the ear drum in the middle ear. What happens is that something prevents sound from passing from the ear drum to the inner ear. If the problem is related to the cochlea of the inner ear, it’s due to damage in the cochlea’s hair cells. These types of hearing loss may be temporary, caused by loud noises or earwax buildup, or they may be the result of more serious issues such as aging, sickness, or head trauma.

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Treatment Options

Audio Acoustics Hearing Centers, Inc. can schedule a full hearing evaluation to learn the extent of your hearing loss issue. We can also assign you to a hearing loss professional to work with you to help improve your hearing and recommend additional treatments. Other options to improve your hearing may include hearing aids, assistive listening devices, and even medicine or surgery.

Contact us to schedule a hearing test and learn more about hearing loss treatment. We have treated patients all over Odessa, TX and Midland, TX, as well as Big Spring, TX; Fort Stockton, TX; and Hobbs, NM.

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