The Tinnitus Cycle

Are You Experiencing Ear Ringing?

Many people know tinnitus as that annoying ringing in their ears. What many people may not know is that tinnitus is not a hearing loss issue, rather a neurological disorder. Neurological changes in your brain and auditory system are the root cause of tinnitus. Your ears are actually hearing those neurological changes and are fooled into thinking it is sound coming from your ears.

Basically, tinnitus is the sound of hissing, ringing, or buzzing in your ears or head as a result of changes in neurological activity. If you’ve ever been in a noisy location before, such as a concert or sporting event, you have probably experienced tinnitus when you moved to a quieter location. Mild tinnitus is quite common. Unfortunately, many people have more severe instances of ringing in their ears that directly affects their quality of life and enjoyment of routine activities. This is more common in older people.


Tinnitus Treatment

Tinnitus has many causes, including the aforementioned exposure to loud noises. Other reasons include aging, drug use, thyroid disorders, ear infections, wax buildup, TMJ, and neurological issues. Typically, your ear will pickup the sound of background noise around you to mask the sound of neurological activity, but when neurological changes occur, the sound of neurological activity becomes louder and more noticeable. This is where tinnitus results. Your brain will then focus more on this sound than the other sounds around you. This is known as the Tinnitus Cycle.

To stop the cycle of tinnitus, patients need to focus their brains on other sounds and away from the neurological activity going on. This can be difficult to do, but counseling can help patients think more positively and turn their attention away from the ringing in their ears. Nutritional supplements and prescribed anti-anxiety medications can help. In many cases, the ringing in your ears is the result of earwax buildup, so cleaning or flushing your ears can help. Simple changes like getting more rest and sitting up straight can make a difference as well since they help treat your nerves.

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