How Hearing Works

The Basics of Hearing

Have you ever wondered how hearing works and how we are able to hear all the sounds around us? The ear is a complex organ that allows us to pick up sounds in the air as sound waves whenever something makes noise through movement.

So, how exactly does it work? The outer portion of the ear picks up these sound waves and moves them through your ear canal toward your middle and inner ear. In doing so, these sound waves will be converted into an electrical signal which the brain will recognize and decode.

After traveling down your ear canal, the sound waves your ear picked up will hit your inner ear and eardrum, moving the tiny bones in your middle ear, as well as the cochlea – the fluid located in the inner ear. All this results in the sound waves being converted to electrical signals, which travel from the auditory nerve up into the brain. The brain then picks up the electrical signal and interprets it as sound, which the brain will recognize. We also recognize where these sounds come from as a result of the way the sound wave impacts the eardrum and bounces around in the ear.

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Making Sense of Sound

Sound works because of the incredible work of the ear, a complex organ that produces amazing results for everyday function. The outer ear, middle ear, and inner ear are all connected and work together to capture sound waves and convert them into electrical impulses that move to the brain and help us understand what we’re hearing. Contact Audio Acoustics Hearing Centers, Inc. today to discuss improving your hearing and find out how hearing happens and how to prevent hearing issues.