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Hearing Services

Audiology services in Midland and Odessa, TX

Accurate Diagnoses, Effective Treatment

The first step towards improving your hearing is determining the cause of your hearing loss. Is it your outer, middle, or inner ear that is the source of the problem? Do you have cerumen or fluid build-up that is hampering your ability to hear? At Audio Acoustics Hearing Centers, we provide our patients with comprehensive hearing services, including audiological testing, to accurately diagnose their condition. Then, we can provide a treatment plan that is best suited to improving their hearing.

We have two offices in Midland and Odessa, TX, where we work with patients of all ages, including children—in fact, we work closely with Midland Independent School District.

Hearing Tests

The first step towards developing a treatment plan that effectively improves your hearing is performing a comprehensive, diagnostic hearing evaluation, which may consist of:


An otoscopy is a visual exam of the inside of the ear, using an otoscope. The otoscope allows us to view the outer ear, the ear canal, and the eardrum.

Pure-Tone Air/Bone Conduction

Pure-tone air testing involves playing different tones for the patient to see which pitches and volume levels they are able to hear. Bone conduction testing is similar to a pure-tone test, but the tones are delivered to the inner ear, bypassing the outer and middle ear and allowing us to determine if there are any problems with the outer or middle ear.

Word Recognition Testing

Speech testing allows us to determine how well a patient is able to hear and understand words spoken at different volumes. The patient is asked to listen to different words through headphones and repeat them out loud.


During a tympanometry test, we vary the air pressure in the ear canal, which allows us to examine the movement of the eardrum and conduction bones. This test helps us determine the function of the middle ear.

Otoacoustic Emissions

When subjected to sound, the tiny hairs inside the inner ear vibrate, emitting very soft sounds into the middle ear. These are called otoacoustic emissions (OAEs). During an OAE test, we test the function of the inner ear by listening to the OAEs. If the inner ear does not produce OAEs, the patient has hearing loss.

Speech-in-Noise Assessments

This evaluation allows us to determine how well a patient can discern speech surrounded by background noise.

Audiology services in Midland and Odessa, TX

Cerumen Removal

Sometimes, hearing loss can be contributed simply to a build-up of cerumen, or ear wax, in the ear. Patients can actually make the build-up worse by using cotton swabs to clean their ears, as the swaps push the cerumen deeper into the ear, causing compaction and potentially pain and hearing difficulties. Our team uses safe removal methods, such as irrigation, to effectively clean the ear of cerumen. If your hearing is not improved with this removal, then we can perform further testing to determine the cause and treatment for your hearing loss.

Other Services

Our team helps patients with a variety of issues, such as tinnitus (ringing in the ears, often caused by hearing loss) and balance and dizziness issues caused by the inner ear.
Audiology services in Midland and Odessa, TX
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